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5472 Emiratis so far, lost an average of 8 kilograms

in just one month

by working out with Wi-Fi Training System...


...exercising only 2x20 minutes a week.

Ready to hear how?

Read the letter FATMA AL SHAMSI sent to Coach Lucy...

It reveals 7 YEARS kept secret...

Letter from my member Fatma after she lost
14 kilos in
2 months

Dear Lucy,

Every time I travel to London as Emirati women, people think I am rich and that I have a perfect life,

If I drive a Range Rover, have an iPhone, a handsome husband or a Chanel handbag, they think that is the American dream.

But they have no idea what I am going through every day:

It is expected from me to give a birth to five children and at the same time look like twenty-year-old photoshopped supermodels from Instagram,

They have no idea how difficult it is to
get rid of the stomach after the 3rd Caesarean section, they think it's easy.

The main problem why I was
 not satisfied with my body is because today's fast life imposed so many distractions on me and I didn't have time for myself.

Fast food is all around.

Too much sugar is in food I have eaten every day and because of that our families are getting diabetes.

With food delivery, my favorite, high-calorie meal is right in front of my nose in seconds, all I have to do is click 3 buttons on my iPhone,

Today, there is much
more stress and because of this, I gained weight.

I needed to take care of the children, what will they eat? How to spend as much time as possible with them,

I didn't have time to go to the gym... there is always a huge traffic jam,

I need three hours for the gym. An hour to come to the gym, an hour in the gym, an hour to get back home.

And in the gym...everyone is looking at me...
judging me,

Also, I had to think about who will take care of the children in the meantime,

I had to take care of my
husband as well.

Where is he, what is he doing, who is he with...

Am I still attractive to him?

These are all topics that I was secretly thinking about every day.

Sometimes I need time to relax from all of that:

Shopping, Spa, Travel, Family gatherings, Coffee with Friends - I have to enjoy in something too, right?

But... such a life also has its drawbacks...I
 gained weight easily and lost my body shape.

That is why often I was looking for quick solutions like 
plastic surgeries and cosmetic treatments...

...and created false self-confidence and I was aware of it.

I knew that this was not the true confidence that I would like to have,

I thought before that this is how I would solve all my problems, but I realized that it is not a long-term solution and then
dissatisfaction was even greater .

I found myself confused and lost, I did't know what to do...

But there was a solution !

It was your Wifi Program Lucy and you have to help us all.

Thank you Lucy for allowing me to open up to you without judgment...

Thank you for guiding me on how to lose these
14 kilograms.

Thank you for giving me back my confidence, which made me quit the job I hated for a long time and start my own business.

I will forever be thankful to you and your team.

... you have to help our women Lucy!

With Love, Fatma

P.S.  I understand that I am sometimes difficult. I didn't even tell my own sisters that we are training together as I thought they will be jealous...

...but deep down I just want the best for my family and children...

Thanks again Lucy for helping me find my secret to success...

Grab your phone and call now to see how we can help you !!!

Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 6.21.12 PM.png

Who am I ?

I am Lucy, mother of two. I'm coming from Europe, where I completed a PHD doctorate in Sports science with a focus on Personal Training and Fitness.






And you can guess ... despite of all achievements, and successful career, my biggest one is being a mom. Role model mom for my twins...

Because of my strong desire to extract the maximum potential from the people around me, 7 years ago I founded a Company for personal training in the Emirates together with my husband.

So far, we have helped 5472 people, and some of them are members of Royal Family (which I am particularly proud of)...

... of course we will not reveal names because our company has a rule of respecting privacy and we never reveal who our clients are.

It all started here on exactly this photo, 7 years ago when I pause my Professor's Position on Faculty of Sport in Europe and move to UAE


My Idea was first to test the whole idea of transformation journey on myself and my husband so I can make it for every person...

...and this is the result:


I did this with my husband in just 3 months of training with the Wi- Fi System...


... 22 kilograms change... and that was just a beginning.

I am very confident we can help you too.

Take the phone and book your FREE TRIAL SESSION only in April !

Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 6.21.12 PM.png

Since then, we start helping people to make a change.

On average, our clients lose 8 kilograms in the first month of workout.

If we talk statistically;


Our Company, in 7 years, helped Emirati people to lose 43,776 kilograms 


5472 clients x 8 kilograms = 43,776 kilograms IN JUST ONE MONTH!

On our Instagram in the highlights there are over 100 testimonials from our Emirati Members, talking about their results...

...and we all know how difficult it is to get real testimonials from people due to cultural differences.

This program is for you only if you want to:










And all this in just 20 minutes of training in the comfort of your home!

How we do it ?

We will assign you a personal trainer specialized in your goal.


She will come to your home, 2 times a week with special Wi-Fi equipment for training, the latest technology.

She will guide you through the entire process, every training session and be with you until you reach your results.

Coach together with team will create a personal nutrition plan, just for you... 

...and will be available 24/7 to ask her anything you are interested in.

She will measure your body change...


...and be with you until you reach your goal !

Grab your phone and call now to see how we can help you !!!

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What is  WI-FI Training System?

Personal trainer comes to your home address twice a week and in just 20 minutes of training with the latest Wi-Fi Training Technology.

It helps our Members to lose an average of
8 kilograms in a month, achieve the desired shape for the
first time in their life and on a healthy and long-term way raise their self-confidence.

This is a part of our team and see below results we achieve for some of 5472 satisfied members ;

Alya from Abu Dhabi

Anchor 1

Fatma from Sharjah

Anchor 2

This is not an online training 

Coach comes to your home so that you don't have to waste time getting to the gym and returning home, losing 2 hours just in traffic...

We know that time is the most valuable thing that our Members have, and that's why we save it and come to you!


And we achieve all these results with training that lasts only 20 minutes?

And how is that even possible?

Because of the latest Wi-Fi Training Technology !


We train with specially designed training suit, which works by stimulating your muscles, and that is how you get very fast results.

If we compare it to the exercise in the GYM, main difference is that with Wi-Fi Training in the same time we can lose weight but shape muscles.


That is impossible in any other Sports or Fitness activity.

and we made this results with Wi-Fi System:

... same I can do for you...


Is the Wi- Fi suit safe?



Look, I will even put it on my own child to prove that is absolutely safe !


Also, the suit is light, as soon as children can wear it.


You will receive your own Wi-Fi suit, which no one else uses !

This is a very important procedure in our company, that every Member has their own suit that we wash and maintain, you don't have to do anything.

We will always bring you a fresh Wi-Fi suit for training, just yours!

Our trainers speak English but also enough Arabic to understand you


Although we come from Europe, there is no language barrier.


Our clients are all Emiratis and we absolutely get along with everyone during training.

Turn FAT to FIT

This is the best explanation of what we do....

"Tummy Tuck", "Liposuction", "Gastric Sleeve Surgery" are not healthy ways to make a change...

...and will never turn your FAT to FIT...

Did you even think what you gonna do with extra skin?

Check our story of healthy long-term change: