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About Us

„ Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all“ 


- These are the words of our head of trainers and lecturer Lucy. She holds a PhD in Sports Science Degree (Wes Canada) and MBA Degree ( United Kingdom ) and as Associate Professor at the Sports Science University, she was dedicated to find highly educated trainers and make them ready to provide the best and highest quality service to our customers. Only Licensed Wi-Fi Fitness Personal Trainers with many years of experience can become Personal Trainers in our Company. Quality first. If we combine highly educated staff with our amazing Wi-Fi Technology then we can expect results much faster, safer and healthier


The activities of the Wi-Fi Training Company can be divided into three parts:


1.) Providing professional Home Training Sessions with Wi-Fi System in 26 locations Worldwide.

2.) Education for Companies, Colleges and providing all educational services related to Sports Sciences.

3.) Worldwide Certification for Wi-Fi System.


Lucy, PhD is with a team of highly educated professionals and experienced individuals involved in activities such as Education related to sports science in general with a special focus on muscle reactions during muscle contractions. Over 1900 people have passed through our education system. We provide knowledge from different perspectives. Our goal is to educate trainers, and show them how to implement the acquired kinesiological knowledge in coherence with the Wi-Fi System in the business model.


We also train people who have never been in the world of sports or fitness and come from other private and business spheres. Showing the base from muscle functions to more interesting elements such as what muscle groups exist, how they react to stimuli during physical activity, and how to prevent sports injuries. These people are most often managers who plan to start a business that involves the use of the Wi-Fi System, and do not have an educational background related to sports. In managerial waters in addition to her own presence, Lucy and her business team participate through ongoing education and research. Therefore, Lucy, PhD in addition to completing a PhD Doctorate in Sports Science, and a Master In Business Administration from the UK, has published over 10 scientific papers and as a co-author has participated in the publication of books used at universities.


The Certification Course takes place in a central location in Dubai and has more than 1,900 participants so far from 112 different countries, which confirms the multinational integrity. Certification is divided into 3 main groups, for the manager, for experienced coaches, and for those who have never been in the contact with sports activities. For more details about the Certification Course, please contact our official number.


Wi-Fi Training brings the workout home. A session is only 20 minutes long with five minutes to change into the equipment and five minutes of relaxation. Couples can train together, while families can book several sessions after each other. At the same time can train up to 8 people. Only what you need is to block off 30 minutes and feel the differences in the comfort of private homes.


Our team of passionate experienced trainers and hospitality experts make sure that each training experience at WI-FI  TRAINING COMPANY is pleasant, effective and unforgettable!  We are professional, highly educated,  flexible,  dedicated and - most important - motivated Sportsmen.


Our proven Wi-Fi Multiuser System is tested with Official European  Homologation (SGS –ENAC) - the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.


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