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Wi-Fi Personal Training

Wi-Fi (Wireless Training Technology) - full-body workout activates over 90% of the muscle fibers at the same time during each contraction! As opposed to conventional weight training, deeper muscles are activated as well. That enhances intra- and intercellular coordination.
Wi-Fi will help you to tone your body, in rapid fat loss, reduce cellulite, reduce back pain in very short period. It is completely safe and proven.
Our three most common training goals are Weight Loss, Body Toning  and Muscle Strength.

Weight Loss

Wi-Fi is an incredibly effective method of targeting fat due to the penetrative effects of the low impulse electrical current. The technology burns fat up to 3x faster than conventional training.


Body Tone

Our Body toning program is specifically designed to improve the quality of the muscle tissue by eliminating the excess fat and strengthening specific parts of the body.


Muscle Build

Our muscle program is not just about those that want to build larger muscles. It has also been designed for those that want to strengthen their muscles after injury. Because Wi-Fi Technology is up to five times faster than conventional training at stimulating deep tissue muscle growth.

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